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Originally Posted by sbiddle View Post
Not quite capacity related but the behavior of people in the SYD lounge on Sunday shows all that's wrong with Koru. Standard dress was jandals, and the group of four sitting in front of me would have filled a swear jar pretty easily in the hour that I was there with their loud swearing. They drank a fair but and left half drunk bottles of wine (they were just bringing full bottles to their table) when they left. Others were sitting their with feet on furniture and others leaving their area like a tip when they left.

Should Air NZ kick these people out? No I don't necessarily think they should - but I just don't know any other lounges where that sort of behavior would even be considered acceptable by guests.

I think your crowd had some relatives in the AKL lounge when I was there Friday morning Nov 2. Loud talking, some yelling, poor behavior by some near the food buffet. I don't recall this nonsense in the BNE lounge.

I know many airline lounges (for sure the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges) allow in a large variety of people, not just those who are entitled due to flying a business class ticket or by virtue of status with AC or *A. There are those who gain entry with vouchers from credit cards, there are others who pay cash for the entry fee and then there are the guests of those who are allowed in. The attire in the summer is particularly bad, nibbly bits and all. LOL. The worst really are the hands on food at the buffet.

Last year when the brand new AC international lounge in YVR opened, I was waiting to depart to BNE and a 20-something woman had her barefoot on the table where people put their food. I told the lounge agents and they were too scared to tell her to move her feet off the table. I stared at both of them until the behaviour was modified. (Best part: the 20-something told the agent that all the recliner chairs were taken and she had to put her feet somewhere )

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