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First of all, welcome to FT!

Yes, you will be able to place a bid (even if the ticket is purchased through a TA/third party) I believe the deadline for bidding is much closer to departure than 2 weeks (but I'm not entirely sure). Once booked/ticket is issued just go the RJ webpage and enter your ticket/reservation details - you will then be able to place a bid. Most likely you will also receive emails from RJ about the bidding offer if you retrieve your reservation/ticket on the RJ webpage and enter your contact details (they will already be there if you purchased on

As for the bid amount, just bid the minimum amount possible. Should be around 400-500 USD for AMM-BKK. Sometimes there is a promo reducing the bid amounts. By way of illustration in July I had a bid of USD 340 cleared/was accepted for AMM-BKK Bidding USD 700 each leg is way too much (but up to you of course).

You do realise that in this forum there is thread dedicated to the RJ bidding procedure? Just search and you will find plenty of information in the thread.
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