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I finally ended up in one of these in a flight from Manila last week. Unbelievably awful. I generally chose a bulkhead seat because I like the space in front of me. But the bulkhead seats have the tray table in the armrest, making the arm-rest solid (so no room for ones thighs to ooze under the armrest) and the controls for the screen were set inside the thick armrest, at an angle which further poked out into my legs.

I'm not a Chinese tiny person, but I'm by no means as big as many (UK size 14 ladies clothes if that means anything) and by the time I got off this plane I had marks on both legs where the seat had dug into me on both sides.

I cannot believe they think this is sensible configuration. It was utterly horrendous. For a 1.5 hour flight - horrendous. For an overnight flight - people will die of blood clots.
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