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Originally Posted by damon88 View Post

Add me to this club. 2 months without being able to see any activity on the web or on the APP.

It is incomprehensible that Marriott is taking this long to solve this issue in 2018. I honestly canít remember a time when an IT issue like this went unsolved for so long by any major company.

I understand that Marriott is swamped with issues right now but I feel as if I have been more than patient.

I am curious if others with this problem chose SPG when combining as I did?

The weird thing is things worked fine for a month ó this issue began in mid September.
i havenít seen my activity for over 2 months as well. The total nights and points increases (albeit missing one night and points from end of September). I have alerted my ambassador and others but there is not estimate when this will be fixed. Also waiting over a month since I filed a missing stay request both with my ambasssdor and research department. No responses from either. I plan to follow up with my ambassador next week but not too happy.

I have the same ambassador from SPG days and she used to be amazing. Responding quickly, upgrades, and on top of every request. Ever since the merger, it has been a whole new story. She has explained that it is due to having over a 100 new people assigned to her and initially manning the massive calls post merger. Also the new IT system apparently makes everything so much more difficult. I havenít even asked for any special requests since just rating to get my account back to normal. The strangest thing is I am on track to spend the most I ever have with SPG/Marriott this year (well over $40,000). Not sure what to do anymore. None of this is urgent or going to make a difference for me to qualify etc. Just annoying.
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