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Originally Posted by williwaw View Post
One approach I also use is Chase UR points to book EQM generating travel and sometimes mixed with my work travel. I might just use the UR points straight to purchase a P or S fare. Or if the increment is small between my work paid fare to a fare with CoS, I might use UR points to purchase up to P or S for the CoS. Some might see that as not the best use of Chase points, but I often have a bunch and it is a way to achieve status quicker or higher without spending cash.
I have lots of Chase UR pts too. I consider 1.5c a pretty poor rate, but, if you have more than you can reasonably spend on better redemptions, it's a lot better then not spending them.

If you stay in hotels on your mileage runs, you might want to consider hyatt transfers. Redeeming hyatt pts at 2c per night is easy (3+ is possible, though tougher). And free nights count towards status. So you might save even more money by paying cash for your flight and using the chase pts for the hotel. mileage run + mattress run = vacation
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