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Originally Posted by JJeffrey View Post
Weird, seems to be some sort of mixture of a married/phantom/aa.com/Z/U glitch or bug.

If you can put just the AMM-DOH on hold, I would do that, then call AA to add the DOH-ATL, and go from there. At least that gets everything on the same record, see if they can price it correctly. If not, keep everything on hold (even at the F rate), and keep HUCA.
Let my AMM-DOH (RJ) DOH-ATL (QR) hold expire.

Called back the next day to try to hold QR AMM-DOH in Gulf First, and DOH-ATL in Business and of course their systems had a total glitch and could not book ANY QR awards. Okay...

Called back just now, could kind of tell I had a sharp person on the line in general, but wasn't expecting much, and I asked to book AMM-DOH-ATL all in QR in Business and she held it all for me for 70K with ZERO issues or huffs and even selected all my seats and gave me my QR record locator.

Anyways, just another +1 for HUCA with this stuff. It may seem futile when you have a string of lackluster agents, but my experience proves it's possible to get Gulf First tag on flights for Business rates.
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