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Originally Posted by LTN Phobia View Post
This is the norm in weather-related disruptions in countries without similar things to EU261 though. My last disruption cost me about 400 for the night (outside any coverage of EU261-like regulations). My insurance company and I wore it.

Really, people need to be able to either self-insure properly, or have a comprehensive insurance before travelling. What would they do if a serious disruption like the volcanic ash hits and they cannot afford the accommodation, they cannot fly out, they have to take unpaid leave, and they have no EU261 coverage?

We need to be responsible here a bit.

On a separate matter, FRA has corridor(s) with portable beds, I believe after they had issues with procuring accommodation during one of the snow chaos.
What a slanted view you must have of some of those poor people that have saved for months or even years to take their children or grandchildren to Disney World. I could quite well believe that when boarding their flight home, some have all their credit cards maxed out and not much available to support themselves in this situation.

Not many are of your ample means to fly F around the world as they please and “self insure” for hundreds of pounds. And no matter how good your insurance cover, you will always be paying up front and reclaiming. I know many people who could not cover that even if the amount appears trivial to you.

It was an unfortunate event, the aicraft went tech, BA chose to fly in an Engineer and parts across the atlantic and he got delayed by an unrelated event. After the repair failed, the aircraft was incapacitated enough again to have to divert while airborne. I would say BA’s processes as well as their attitude to paying passengers is validly being questioned here and no amount of deflection will change the fact that the handling was woefully inadequate and contrary to BA’s obligation under EU regulations.

And, as an aside. My last IRROP was with AA on a journey not covered by EU regulations. I received a perfectly good hotel, dinner, breakfast and transport provided as well as $150 in vouchers as an apology. All on the spot in the airport and without having to ask. I have great travel insurance but did not need it.

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