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Originally Posted by squawk View Post
My general rule is that if I’m getting a bit “trigger happy” on an airline fare (or any other purchase!) after a prolonged period, it probably means I may not be approaching it entirely rationally, and I would take a break before committing. There is a definite psychological ‘thrill’ of getting a good deal out of a fare (I definitely felt it when I did several trips to TLL, which wasn’t even a TP run really).
That is good advice and this is why I haven't just gone ahead and booked it regardless. But my wife is getting fed up with me spending so much time researching that I have to either pull the trigger or forget it... at least for a while. The thing is that I have gone through this loop quite a few times in the past 6 months or so. Each failed because I couldn't find anything to suit my available dates. I am, by nature, a very cautious beast when it comes to spending thousands of pound on anything
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