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Originally Posted by canadiancow View Post
There are regularly 5cpm paid-J fares available.

40k AQM for $5000 is ridiculous.

I bet you can do it for under $2500.
@canadiancow @Commie

No need to bet, as certainly OP would value your detail itinerary advice.on how to do better than $5k, which is the actual point of this Thread.

So given OP is x-YYZ, and wishes to add in short pre-holiday trip, might you give a few typical live itineraries that provide this level of outcome? I only have one more assignment till I break on Dec 15th, might also consider a short holiday somewhere in between for such a paltry sum - and even if flights are x-YYZ your advice welcome as always reason to start in Toronto to see Little SkyBlueSea.

We await your timely list of itineraries and dates that deliver J at 5cpm for OP within the dates specified in the posts above.

thank you...

ps...I presume you also mean is in Canadian dollars, or is 5 cpm in USD ?

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