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Originally Posted by shillard View Post
There ARE two flights.

Not THERE IS two flights.

What are they teaching in schools these days???

for perspective...from another post of yours, Shillard:

"Good news: They've finally moved on from the Greek chicken dish. Some sort of lamb (by which they mean mutton...) curry instead.

Bad news: Just as crowded. Pro-tip, if coming from SIN use the early checkin lounge and get here well before 5pm when the inbound Euro crowds arrive.

Worse news: The KFC landslide in T1 has closed

Two sentences lack verbs.
No capital letter required after a colon.
No hyphen required between the words pro and tip.
Space required between the words check and in.

...surely there's enough to discuss herein without picking on folk's grammar and spelling?

...for some, English is a second language?

...why ridicule?
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