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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
Surely a nice P fare (at least from W. Canada) to a secondary Europe destination will yield over 12k miles.

This said, rather than mileage run, I would plan a nice vacation somewhere. Even five days at destination should be nice. We went to Sicily last Feb, shrimp was real and wonderful. Southern Spain or Portugal (either LIS or the Douro valley) will do. Still Portugal, Madeira or the Azores.

A trip to Chile or Argentina maybe?
The wife and I are already going to Spain and Portugal from Dec 23 to Jan 12. If I had plan this better, would definitely have done another vacation during the summer.

Originally Posted by [b
YVRtoYYZ[/b] ]
I also have to question why you would want to do such an extended mileage run for SE when you indicate that your travel pattern is going to decline further next year.

Your questionably going to make E75K this year and based on anticipated travel patter next year, definitely won't make E75K, so what temporary benefits do you want to extract from SE next year?
Good question. Guess more of being a SE/100K for so many years, just the fear of not having it? But like I mention, I am at a stage in my career where I can somewhat pick and choose what projects I work on, and my priority is to stay at home more and be with the family. So I definitely see the travel pattern being less going forward.
The only noticeable benefit I have with SE/100K over the years have been the IKK and surcharge waivers on reward travel. I have a lot of Aeroplan miles, and I use them a lot of reward travels, and having SE over the years have made it easier to book trips in J.
Other than that, I don't think I personally will lose much from going to SE/100K to 50K.
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