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mileage run planning to reach 100K

Well its that time of the year to start looking at re-qualifications for next year's status.

Unfortunately (or maybe its fortunate), my travel patterns this past year was less than in the past, and had a few work from home weeks. Thus, I am currently sitting at around 60K and 60 segments. My travel plans for work next year is probably more of the same, hopefully continue the pattern of less and less travel and more work from 'home'. Mostly travel within Canada/US and mostly in Y for work. On top of that, we do have 1 big vacation trip every year during Dec/Jan holiday season usually for 2-4 weeks in length. If the air travel for the vacation is with Air Canada, it'll be in J.

However, i've been a SE/100K for the last 15 or so years, so kinda 'worry' about what travel will be like without 100K. So got me thinking, do I have enough time to do a mileage run before the year end. I am taking a 3 weeks vacation to Spain/Portugal starting late Dec, on AC J using miles.
So the run will have to be before Dec 19th.
Work wise, I probably have 2-3 more trips to make from YYZ to LAX.

Questions for the group, is it worth while to go for the mileage run? And can I realistically get to 100K for this year, with a reasonable mileage run(less than $5K?)
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