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I'd opt for Amtrak. I work in Harrisburg and have made the trip to NYC a few times. Mr. Kipper and I drove once or twice, and I've used Amtrak quite regularly. I've never had a drive to NYC or from NYC that took only between 3-4 hours. I prefer Amtrak because I can avoid all traffic and still get some work accomplished while on the train.

If the trains run late, it's usually only a few minutes. That said, you'll want to look at train stops before booking, as some of the Keystone Service trains make additional stops around Philadelphia, while others will skip certain stops. We took Amtrak from NYC on Tuesday. Taking the one that left at 2:11 PM took 3 hours, 10 minutes to reach Harrisburg. The 2:44 PM train took 3 hours, 45 minutes or some such due to the additional stops.
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