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Just an update on my end. I received a call from another manager at the Cosmo saying that he followed up with Marriott and that they are in the process of updating the terms to exclude the Cosmo from offering breakfast. He apologized and refunded the 2 charges I had from the buffet that I went to even though I didn't ask for it. He also stated it's been causing issues not only for myself but for other platinum members and they're working on getting it updated ASAP.

So I guess that's that. What should have taken 5 minutes of time took numerous phone calls, contacting Marriott Corporate Relations, a Facebook message, and roughly 3 hours of total time. I really wanted an additional apology and follow up from the terrible treatment I experienced from the Marriott customer service manager but oh well, at least I finally got someone at Marriott to admit they're in the wrong and that they're going to fix it. We'll have to see if they actually follow through. I have a 14 day stay coming up in Maui next week at Sheratons & Marriotts, can't wait to see what issues I have there.
Thanks for the update. And congrats. Glad you got something and someone did apologize.

At least they will update terms to exclude them to avoid any more confusion.
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