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Originally Posted by Rebelyell View Post
However, if anyone is pressured not to recline their seat, provide for an automatic $10,000 payment, no questions asked. Likewise, if someone lifts an armrest and sits on someone because the seats are too narrow, provide for an automatic $10,000 in damages.

Based on the massive number of air rage incidents, seats that are super narrow or that have virtually no legroom are dangerous. They cause fights. Planes have to be diverted at great expense. As a matter of public policy many, many dangerous products are banned or regulated, and unreasonable airline seats should be among them.
Massive number? According to the FAA 2,587,000 people flew in and out of US airports on 42700 flights every day. (in 2016) What percentage of those passengers were involved in "air rage incidents"?? If, as I suspect, something like 99.999% of those 2.5 million people flew without causing fights or diverting flights... massive numbers?
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