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Originally Posted by Nick Art View Post
This thread is just great.

I would like to add my little story of nearly becoming a DYKWIA. I think I kept my temper, but I was close. The place is Edinborough and I have just passed the fast line to security when Im told that I there is a problem with my pocket knife. As you may know in Europe they usually allow you to take a pocket knife with a blade of up to 7cm, mine being just under the limit. To my surprise the knife was not the actual issue, but the cork screwer was. I probably had a are you fing kidding me look on my face, because the security agent repeated herself twice. I then proceeded to ask why exactly a tiny 5cm long cork screwer posed a greater risk than a 7cm blade, and was therefore forbidden, but the actual larger blade was not. Not really amused she told me that this was a new rule to which I expressed my opinion about how ridiculous it is. So she tells me either they take the knife or break off the cork screwer. They attempted to do the second, failing miserably (it didnt even have a scratch, Swiss quality engineering right there). I am a little stubborn and something that I try to avoid by any means is to have to give up a knife at the airport. No matter where, but I will find another way to have that knife arrive at my destination or my home.
(I am still extremely annoyed when coming from a flight from RAK in GVA at the screening for a connecting flight to ZRH (that was sheduled to leave in 20 minutes) they discovered to my absolute horror that I had somehow a large metal scissors in my hand luggage. (One of these very big old metal only type ones).
Having to give that scissor up still hurts to this day, not only for losing it materially, but because of the hit my ego took for somehow taking a scissor into my hand luggage (and not being allowed to have it sent to my home in ZRH by postsl service)(I had passed security in ZRH and RAK with the scissor in my hand luggage without realizing, go figure). Its basically representatice to a defeat and I hate it.

Since I had now wasted several minutes at the security check point which I could have spent in the amazing Edinborough Aspire Lounge instead, I told her that I would be having my knife back, turned around and proceeded landside to a kiosk where I started to prepare an envelope to send it to me.
By chance, I ran into a friend, who had not yet checked his bag and who was willing to take the knife for me.

And all this because of a cork screwer.
Cool story bro
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