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Originally Posted by JJeffrey View Post
Yea, most likely phantom space and nothing to do with the Z/U issue. What if you try to book the AMM-DOH as a stand alone segment, is it actually available and/or bookable?
I can book AMM-DOH stand alone in Z class for 30,000 miles.

Booking AMM-DOH-ORD-ATL (all QR, until AA on the last leg) gives me the same error:
  • The flight you selected is no longer available. Please modify your request.
Also, trying to book AMM-DOH-ATL (what I really want) on two separate days brings me the same error. So it is something about the AMM-DOH flight breaking the pricing/booking (because AMM-DOH flight is available on it's own), I guess because of the long-standing "Gulf First Issue". It's so frustrating. I am still firming up my plans, so I'll either try one more time to see if someone can book it all properly in Gulf First/Business for 70K miles, or I may just change it up and take RJ to Doha and QR to Atlanta.

First world problems for sure, but I just am kind of determined at this point to get it to price right haha.
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