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Originally Posted by C17PSGR View Post
Starwood properties use(d) Lightspeed as the property management system while Marriott uses Marsha. Lightspeed didn't show anything other than Plat/Gold so the properties couldn't distinguish anything more than Plat.

So glad to see them move to a system that might allow that distinction.
I've seen this claim advanced by you and others repeatedly, but there must have been a way for Starwood properties to see the correct status. Looking at pictures I took of welcome amenities/letters (geeky, I know!), I was first recognized as Platinum Premier Elite by LC Balkan in late August and Sheraton Macau in early September. Since then, it's been done correctly in Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. OTOH, nothing at two European Courtyards, and JW Singapore greeted me as "lifetime Platinum."

IMO, the problem here is that there are simply too many elite levels, and names are too similar -- it's hard for your average front desk person to make sense of it (and perhaps your average guest, raises hand). IMO proper elite recognition is likely to (generally) work just fine at better hotels, properties in Asia/EU, and those that have significant resources dedicated to this kind of thing, but not so well at places like 4P/Element, as well as probably 90% of all hotels in the US (which simply don't care).
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