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Originally Posted by floridastorm View Post
The FAA is studying it from a medical standpoint. Cramped seating, especially on flights that are over 5 hours, have been proved to cause or exacerbate the condition DVT (deep vein thrombosis) which is a life threatening condition. I believe recent studies have concluded that nearly 50% of people who fly, and most predominantly in economy class, end up with DVT type conditions which eventually causes blood clots in their arteries that find their way to the heart, brain, or lungs. This is one of the major causes of premature death in the United States. There are a multitude of safety regulations promulgated by OSHA for all companies in this country to protect employees. Without these safety regulations I'm wondering how many companies would do it on their own? The airlines fall under OSHA and I think that OSHA should be regulating seating requirements aboard airlines to protect against medical conditions like DVT.
Neither pitch nor seat width help or contribute to DVT, having a leg rest to get your thighs off the seat cushion would help with that. Nothing I have read says they FAA is looking at that?
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