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Originally Posted by btonkid12345 View Post
but was more wondering if international opups to D1 are automatically inhibited on an E fare
Originally Posted by mridley2 View Post
Exactly! The general consensus is OPUP's are prioritized by status and then fare class or flight situation (e.g. flying solo or with a group/family). So as a PM on BE fare you would fall behind all DM's and any other PM's on a higher fare. Since E is the lowest fare you would likely be down on the list. But you never know..
It seems reasonable you would eligible for OPUP on a BE fare.
While you might be eligible, it's unlikely. IMHO, the fair thing to do in an oversold situation would be to move a DM to C+ and perhaps let you (if there were no higher status pax in E) move to that DM's window/aisle seat if that's what they had vacated. If you happened to be the highest status pax in coach (unlikely) then the fair thing would be to move you to a DM's seat in C+ and move the DM from C+ to D1.
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