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Honestly, if this is a major issue for you, don't use Airbnb--use VRBO.

Yes, Airbnb has been (very fast and very hard) moving into the whole-home vacation rental space, but it is still, at its core, part of the sharing economy ("use my unused stuff for cheap"). VRBO (and its identical twin brand, HomeAway) comes from a long-time heritage of whole-home vacation rentals (originally, people renting out their unused second home). VRBO doesn't even have options to list or search for room/partial-home rentals, so that isn't a consideration. And because of the fees owners pay to list on VRBO, it's much less casual.

Prices may (but not always) reflect the more exclusive market.

That said, yes, you can contort Airbnb just fine into working for whole-home dedicated vacation rentals. The "Entire Place" filter is one start, though it doesn't perfectly screen against the guy casually renting his apartment out and moving into a hotel without even scrubbing the tub or folding his laundry when it gets rented out. As others have mentioned, photos and reviews are one thing you have to look at on Airbnb. So is a careful reading of the listing description. Direct questions of the owner may even be necessary in some cases. But these types of places do fill a need--some people are quite happy to exchange a lower rate for a little bit less of a "sterile hotel"-type feel (up to and including sharing with roommates), so I doubt Airbnb is going to make any effort to screen these types of listings out anytime soon.
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