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I understand that Marriott bought Starwood and Marriott is the winner, Starwood is the loser. I understand that the winner gets to decide what parts of the loser sticks around and which parts go away. I understand that an acquisition is wrought with problems that could not be planned for. I understand and have worked on complicated conversions and mergers. And I've been pretty empathetic and tolerant throughout the process.

But give me a freaking break Marriott.

I can no longer e-mail hotels via the website? I can't apply SNA's to pre-take over reservations without calling, and when I do call the 'platinum' agents have no freaking clue what they are talking more than what my coworker would know? I log in and the first thing see is "Unfortunately there's an issue displaying some of your reservations. Please check back later. We apologize for any inconvenience." with zero explanation and, well, nothing more...for more than two months? I can't redeem my Marriott free night certificates for well, a free night? I hit 100+ nights w/ Marriott more than two months ago...where is my ambassador to help me navigate the S-Show that is the Marriott IT takeover?

And you're not communicating with me / us about any of this? Real customer service, IMO, would involve you, Marriott, proactively contacting me about the status of the problems, acknowledging the problems, setting a timeframe for resolution. It would not be and, in fact, is not customer service to put up some worthless FAQ website. Customer service would be an e-mail. It would be a push of information, not a pull method. At least, that's what my company pushes information to customers via phone or email...not a website.

Sorry...just a rant. I've been patient. it seems Marriott thinks I'm also dumb.
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