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Originally Posted by mridley2 View Post
Exactly! The general consensus is OPUP's are prioritized by status and then fare class or flight situation (e.g. flying solo or with a group/family). So as a PM on BE fare you would fall behind all DM's and any other PM's on a higher fare. Since E is the lowest fare you would likely be down on the list. But you never know..
I was once OPUP'd on ICN-DTW as a PM booked on a V fare. So it is possible.

But to answer your question. Since there are no published rules for OPUP's we can only speculate. It seems reasonable you would eligible for OPUP on a BE fare.

P.S. why would you risk a crappy middle seat on a TATL or TPAC flight? I can't imagine taking that risk to save $50 or $100 but I guess everyone has their own priorities for $$.

Delta is pretty good about putting medallions in aisles/windows upon check-in into one of the blocked rows. For example, on the flight I'm on right now, Diamonds occupy 36A,C,D,F and 37D,F (it's a 739) because they're given priority to the blocked rows.

The price differential is no longer $50 or $100 round trip - it's more like that each way. I've seen differentials high as $240 ($120 each way) on some routes. That is more than enough to make one pause to consider value - especially when C+ is already sold out (as it often is months in advance on a lot of international routes).
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