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Originally Posted by KayVeeBee View Post
So basically China invests billions in high speed trains, and then purposely adds inconveniences to lower their value?

Well, with a bit of extra infrastructure, and a more sensible railway policy they could run trains form the mainland to the aiport "airside" as well, couldn't they?

Having a performing rail network serve the hinterland of an airport is something many countries do.
This may start getting a bit off-topic from the KA HKG-CAN route but allow me to explain my own observation a bit about it: Airport railway was built in HK metro standard 20 years ago and now a likely bottleneck at the bridge having longest span of all road-rail bridges. China HSR system has different spec (like signal) and administration, who handled the massive traffic within mainland fine, but unavoidable inconvenience to go across two administrative regions and operators. It costs HK$84b (of Hong Kong's money) for the 26km of HSR within Hong Kong. If it extends to the airport it is by no means just "a bit of extra infrastructure".

"Airside" specifically refers to the restricted departure/arrival area of the airport thus I don't think any airport railway does enter airside. SkyPier services are intercity/cross-border and passengers on board have all exited their departing city.

Back on topic, both the SkyPier ferry and the HKG-CAN flights can check through baggages so less things to worry throughout the journey. That's important to anyone not wanting to find ways through an unfamiliar place with bulky belongings. The flight also provides protected transfer in case of irrops (as most likely in one ticket).

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