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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
My impression is that there is such a list, but without any published priority rules that we can see. OPUPs are for the convenience of the airline (and the GA), so they can do anything. It's not an elite benefit for any fare class.
Exactly! The general consensus is OPUP's are prioritized by status and then fare class or flight situation (e.g. flying solo or with a group/family). So as a PM on BE fare you would fall behind all DM's and any other PM's on a higher fare. Since E is the lowest fare you would likely be down on the list. But you never know..
I was once OPUP'd on ICN-DTW as a PM booked on a V fare. So it is possible.

But to answer your question. Since there are no published rules for OPUP's we can only speculate. It seems reasonable you would eligible for OPUP on a BE fare.

P.S. why would you risk a crappy middle seat on a TATL or TPAC flight? I can't imagine taking that risk to save $50 or $100 but I guess everyone has their own priorities for $$.
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