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Originally Posted by synd View Post
Having transited twice in TUN in the last month, I can tell you it can be hectic. I connected from Tunisair to QR, had 3hr30 and even though I was left with some wiggle room I wouldnt do any transiting with less time. It will all depend on how many other flights arrive at the same time as you have to pick up your luggage, clear custom & immigration, check in, clear immigration and pass security once again.... This whole process took me close to 2 hours. Arrival / departure immigration can be quite lengthy, almost up to US standards if you dont have GE!

Also almost forgot had some trouble finding the checking desk for QR. The numbers are not sequential, ie some of the higher numbers will end up before the lower numbers and at the end of a hall, in a little room.

One thing to note as well is beware of the cash allowance into / outa of Tunisia. Most countries alllows for around 10k USD without declaration. If you plan to take money out of Tunisia it is something like 800 USD, but you have to declare it upon entry. If you're in that scenario, you need 10 Tunisian Dinars (3eur) to pay for the stamp, there are atms in the bagage room, so have the money before you fill up the form, it will save you queing up again! Allthough I was never asked for the form again on departure, but i figured it was better to be safe than sorry...
My connection time is 3hr 5min from EK to QR so I hope there won't be an issue I won't be picking up luggage as I'll only be with carry on so hopefully that saves a bit of time

Were you traveling in Y or J? I'm assuming QR will have a separate business class check in, but im curious if there is any priority security and immigration lines for premium cabin passengers
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