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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
However their is a possible complication here - from what I can see this is OLCI rather than MMB at fault here, it would have been interesting to know what the Baggage line showed directly below the fllght details area. Usually OLCI would generate a baggage payment process if there was an excess over the MMB allowance, so it may be that MMB was wrong too, but given BA's IT it would perhaps be unwise to make assumptions. If MMB was wrong and stated an allowance, then a refund on the baggage fee would be appropriate. If MMB was correct and stated HBO, but OLCI didn't generate the payment page, then the OP could at least claim the delta between the OLCI fee and the airport version, so 5 or 5 for the first bag, hypothetically.
I'm afraid I don't recall what MMB said (in retrospect I could have gone to MMB while in the check-in area and looked). And of course I didn't actually take a screenshot of OLCI at the time as I had no idea it would be challenged. The check-in email didn't mention baggage allowance as such (which would have avoided the issue), but did say:
  • If you are travelling with hand baggage only and have printed your boarding pass, you can go straight to security provided your destination doesn't require a documentation check at the airport.
  • If you have printed your boarding pass and are travelling with checked baggage, go to a bag drop desk.
which at least admits the possibility of checking in baggage. I suspect that's a generic footer.

In the event, not knowing whether the fee would be refunded, we just chucked the contact lens fluid and subsequently wrote BA a stroppy complaint. We'll see how that goes.
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