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BA OLCI misreporting baggage allowance

Last weekend I flew ZRH->LCY in CE and LCY->ZRH in economy. On checking in for the return flight, it clearly said both my companion and I had an allowance of 2 bags (which I thought a bit odd for an economy ticket but put it down to BAEC gold status), and I selected one bag for one of us from the drop down, and checked in. On the strength of this, we spent 30 quid on some contact lens fluid. At checkin at LCY the checkin staff informed me that the ticket was HBO and therefore they wouldn't accept the bag for checkin unless we paid 60 quid for an additional bag allowance (despite the fact OLCI had told us otherwise). She seemed to find this quite amusing and said several pax had had the same issue that day. No amount of arguing would budge her. Apparently the drop down menu is "for the benefit of the airline and not for the benefit of passengers". I asked to speak to a supervisor who said, despite wearing BA uniform, that as he didn't work for BA, there was no one who did work for BA in the airport, and no way to contact anyone from BA, that he could not do anything. So we chucked the fluid.

So, firstly, do not rely on what OLCI says your baggage allowance is.

Secondly, a question: is OLCI giving misleading baggage allowance a well known "feature"?

I'm now always going to select "Don't know" for how many bags I am going to check in at OLCI, as I don't see why I should be helpful to BA if it's only for their planning and not my benefit.

And yes I have complained, as much about the attitude of the check in staff as the 30 quid lost.
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