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Originally Posted by Khondker Rumman Akhter View Post
I am a kong time rimowa limbo user and I recently had my first one crack on me. I used it on average once a month for about 8 years so I canít complain.

I also have a complete that are 4yrs old.

I just got the latest one 2weeks ago without any research as never had issues with them but damn they lost the plot:
1. The middle non tsa fastener is gone. It makes me feel itís less secure when the suitcase is overpacked which sometimes it is for me.
2. The add a bag is gone. I do use it once in a while. Instead is a giant useless logo.
3. The pay made the Velcro straps worse for no reason. The two velcro strip on once side are now so small that if you try to tighten the main single strap too much the two small ones give out.
4. They cost more.

There is is simply no good reason for any of these changes. I live in hong kong. Anyone know where I can get a good deal on last years nonetag limbo blue model? There must be some deals out there on the old stuff. Need to stock up.
I *do* miss that extra latch they used to have on their check-in models. But you know it disappeared before 2018 when Rimowa made room for that idiotic electronic luggage tag. And for some reason even after that experiment died, the 3rd latch hasn't returned yet.

The add-a-bag didn't have enough strength to be reliable. It was a gimmick and I have no problem w/ its exit.

I have not had any issues with the strength of the velcro yet.
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