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Originally Posted by miklcct View Post
I believe it is still flyable by an A321?! 80% of its range, OK?
HKG-TPE is about 75% the range of a Cessna 172. No wonder CX is losing money.

Originally Posted by miklcct View Post
Under ABSOLUTELY NO circumstances I will reposition to CAN and take CAN-HKG KA flight.
But if KA were to operate the Q400 on this route, would you?

Originally Posted by miklcct View Post
AY's HEL-TKU/TMP are comparable to KA's HKG-CAN...
Those secondary airports get about as many passengers a year as HKG/CAN do in a day.

Comparable? Not in the slightest.

Originally Posted by miklcct View Post
The morning CAN-HKG flight arrives HK just before noon, and I don't know how it can minimise the connection time for most passengers, especially departing at noon for medium-haul is considered extremely bad timing because a working day is wasted.
You seem to be forgetting that connecting traffic flows both ways. The aircraft that operates CAN-HKG needs to first operate HKG-CAN. That morning flight leaving HKG around 8am is about as good as it gets for connecting traffic from the US/Europe that arrive around 5:30-7am.
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