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Kevin AA
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The easiest way to cut evacuation time (as well as deplaning time which would be great) is to ban all carry-ons in the overhead bin. Only coats and hats allowed. Since I don't use the overhead bin, that would be fine with me, but I understand that would be as popular as an American flag in North Korea.

Even if the FAA used the fattest slowest people in an evacuation test, thus resulting in a seat pitch of about 45 inches, the fact of the matter is that when people get their stuff out of the overhead bin before leaving a burning plane, it is going to be unnecessarily slow. Stuff > lives, in modern greedy selfish society.

Besides, the government needs to do something about the population of emotional support animals that is increasing as fast as a cockroach farm. It is totally out of control! Planes rarely ever crash. I would prefer, by a factor of about a thousand, a ban on animals that are not in a crate with the exception of papered proven official service animals than even one extra inch of seat pitch.
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