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I find it impossible to trust anything CX says on this. I also must be careful as data is my business, not IT, but information for Capital Markets.

These are some points which I feel must make people think:

  • The data stolen is not the same for everyone, this implies a huge issue in terms of accessability and CX IT infrastucture. System access, storage and integrity are seriously compomised
  • To employ a negative, CX may know what was taken but they probably do not know everything that was taken
  • At the moment personal data security is structured by types on a layered basis in a simplistic interogation environment, so it is about the combinations of data stolen. People with IDs and Dates of Birth being taken are at a high risk, however, a determined criminal can add value to the stolen data by going to social media. If I know who a person is and have other data, then things like Facebook are going to offer up missing information
  • Also CX has not stated if status has been taken as well. Knowing this allows criminals to prioritise targets
  • CX has only given the bare minimum of information and applied obfuscation, things like "We have no evidence of" and so on, it is the get of gaol card. They are probably too incompetant to actually know how to find evidence, and equally from a previous post we can see CX are likely to be wrong about knowing what data for each client they have lost
  • Appalling data governance, though more likely non-existent data governance, if this had happened at a Bank I know exactly what would happen and when
While the above is rather negative, those losing higher risk data will need to think about impacts. Experian can only do so much.

And comparing to BA, they had 400K customers details taken, CX lost 9 Million more or 23.5 times more. Impressive in its negligence.

Back to my mantra, CX and technology, 'Where the intelligence is virtual'

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