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Cosmo is. 3,000 room hotel that seems to do a great job of staying sold out. I mean the rooms are beautiful, I always got a wrap around suite for a max of $50 extra a night...this was pre-renovation where they went on a massive expenditure a year ago of replacing furniture and even removing kitchens/full size apploamces in some cases. Iím usually quick to complain about tired rooms but I saw this expenditure as a massive downgrade (the old stuff wasnít tired and was of better quality). Along the same time they got much more stingy on upgrades and also cut my credit line as I ďdidnít use the max or get near it enoughĒ which btw, is the whole point because they never want to let you draw it all at once. Anyways my point is 1. Itís a huge property for Marriott so Cosmo mgmt can generally do what they want and in the last 18 months itís become greed and itís pushed away a lot of formerly loyal folks that actually spent money. I do miss the begging emails to stay free in a suite back in 2010-12 to indirectly telling us we can stay away if we arenít playing minimum $1,000 hands. Aria and Wynn seem content with my $125 average.

Anyways, fight the good fight guys but I gave up a year ago on em. Maybe the third or fourth bankruptcy will do the charm. Until the. I will just passive aggressively hang out at their bar for a few hours with friends sporadically playing $5 VP hands haha
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