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Originally Posted by ethernal View Post
You're not reading the terms and conditions properly. I agree it is confusing, and it is misleading that the T&Cs explicitly reference excluded benefits further down which would make you think that benefits not explicitly excluded are included. You can argue that common sense interpretation, but you are not going to win that interpretation with Marriott or the Cosmopolitan who will take a strict legal interpretation.

The T&Cs make it very clear that the Cosmopolitan is not a participating property except that they do allow points to be earned on some fees and instant bookings. Everything else in the T&Cs that references "Participating properties will provide [...]" or similar means that the Cosmopolitan is not included in that because it is explicitly referenced in the sections above as not being a participating property.

Hopefully Marriott will make the T&Cs more clear because it is misleading but advising people to try to get the $100 they are not going to get is a pointless exercise. If you want Elite benefits then don't stay at the dumpster fire that is the Cosmo because you won't get them as they are not a participating property.
Originally Posted by Horace View Post
On rereading the applicable portions of the T&Cs, I agree that the Cosmpolitan is excluded from the full benefits of other Autograph Collection Hotels (along with exclusions for Atlantis, Paradise Island).

It has nothing to do with whether the Cosmopolitan is a hotel or resort.

If the front desk at the Cosmopolitan still claims resort status as the justification for its failure to provide Platinum Elite breakfast, then the front desk is needlessly confusing the issue.

Shame on the Marriott executive who signed off on the exclusion for the Cosmopolitan.
I've read the T&C. I disagree it is "very clear," There is no exclusion of the Cosmo from being a participating property although I acknowledge it only references points. The later specific exclusion from premium internet makes clear they know how to make specific exclusions and didn't do it for breakfast. But ... I agree it doesn't matter because MR can interpret this any way they want -- its just not clear they have.

I don't get the point of the other poster regarding the chart. It doesn't matter if it is a hotel or resort in this case for the breakfast benefit.

I hope the latest poster will seek the guarantee and escalate the issue! I always wonder how do I prove I invoked the guarantee while at the property ...
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