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What and When Exactly Happen in WN's Internal System When You No Show a WGA Fare Res

I'm curious exactly when it happens and what happens in WN's internal computer system, when you no show a WGA fare? And who is authorized to reverse a no show?

I imagine that their system may have some sort of logic to accommodate the 2 hour flat tire rule? In other words, is there a sort of grace period in time before the system voids out the funds associated witha no show WGA ticket? If so, how long is this grace period?

And if the system does void out the funds through some sort of business rule automation workflow, , can any CSA, any CSS, or only the WN internal ATO help desk (Source of support," go in to the system and un-void the ticket to put it back in an open status if you will so that the customer may be reaccommodated on a later flight?
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