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Originally Posted by sfozrhfco View Post
Depending greatly on what each hotel classifies as a standard or premium suite. The terms and conditions now specifically exclude specialty, premier, presidential or diplomatic suites. So there are plenty of categories for hotels to conveniently move suites into to exclude them from award inventory.
Looking at a few cities (NY, Tokyo, etc.) it seems like right now there is only one suite level per hotel classified as standard and everything else is premium. But the lowest level premium suite isn't much better (and in a few cases was cheaper) than the standard suite. So if only the lowest level current premium suite is available for 100% of the basic room rate and everything else gets reclassified as premier or specialty, then this won't be much of a deal. The hotels I looked at didn't charge 25% more (standard rate) for the cheapest premium suite compared to the standard suite but that's the difference if we pay with points. I guess we'll have to wait until Hyatt releases the details of what classifies as a premium suite to understand if this is really a good deal.
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