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Trump's Anti-Trans Proposal and Passports

I'll be first to admit this is idle speculation, but there was an article in yesterday's New York Times ( regarding a proposal by the Trump administration to define biological sex as 'the sex assigned before or at birth' which cannot be changed.

The outcome of this could lead to the cancellation of passports held by transgender people, with the insistence that these documents are re-issued based on birth sex. This could lead to a de facto ban on travel by transgender Americans (which would probably be the least of their problems if this passed.)

But I was wondering, as a trans woman (UK citizen, Canadian resident) would this lead to a de facto ban from the US for myself and others like me? Would my passport be considered invalid due to my sex designation not matching what the federal government considers me to be? What if I were to apply for a US visa? What sex marker would they use then?

I'd be very surprised if a policy like this was enacted, but I'm genuinely curious how this would affect travel. Is there any precedent with 'X' gender passports in countries that don't recognise this designation?
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