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I have an OC8. I called Marriott to see if I can upgrade (and I assume pay some additional points) to NC6 because the hotel I want to use it at now is cat 6 (it was 8 pre-merger). After being on hold with one rep forever who thought maybe she could help but finally said she could not do that, she transferred me to supposedly a supervisor. He absolutely would not even let me speak beyond my initial explanation of what I wanted and continued to very rudely talk over me. I then asked for his name, and he wouldn't give it to me but he hung up instead. I then got an email saying my OC8 is cancelled - something I NEVER asked for!

I am beyond mad about the rep who would NOT let me speak, and I was on hold for over 90 mins only to have no resolution but instead my OC8 cancelled, something I did not want unless I was getting a new cert issued (preferably with some type of upgrade since obviously it's possible). I want my problem solved, but I really, really want to complain about that rep.
I signed up for an account just to reply to this... I had a very similar experience... the rep was asking for the last 4 of the card associated with the account. I didn't have the card on me, I asked to validate the account another way and the rep wouldn't let me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said no, that without account verification he couldn't transfer me. And he just hung up on me. I am so mad, we stayed at Hilton and had a good experience. After I use this certificate we won't be going back to Marriott.

I too was trying to upgrade our certificate because the hotel that I was going to use it cancelled my reservation, it's a new hotel that is delayed so it won't be completed in time for our trip but I didn't even get an email notifying me of the cancellation. I will be calling back this afternoon, hopefully I can get someone to help me out.
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