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I'm a big fan of the World Of Hyatt program though I've never been a fan of the name of the elite tiers.
Being a Lifetime Glob I'm exceptionally happy in the program
If I had to be a new customer coming into World of Hyatt I doubt I would have any loyalty at all if I was a young millennial.
Unless my company was paying/'reimbursing for most of my bookings.Room rates are high as are a number of redemption levels at this moment.I'd debate revenue makes more sense at times
I can justify most of it for myself personally as Globalist benefits typically satisfy me except where the hotel undermines the WOH program by reinventing terms and conditions and downgrading said benefits

Deeply disappointed that Hyatt doesn't seem to reach out to its members anymore to find out any feedback ever.Shocking to me
I never get a survey from the hotel or WOH
Jeff Zidell for all the good or bad of his tenure mostly good listened to members regardless of the limited response/action to the conversation.
There seems to be nobody listening to customers presently no face to the program
There were very minor improvements to the program last year.Reward nights counting etc
I feel like its 1994 all over again pre social media and this is the era increased communication

Suppose this may be all coming with Cash and Points as discussed but horrible and not trustworthy to at least give 30 days min notice if true
Does Hyatt really want to be Southwest and have a revenue based program going forward and yes I know who is at the home office

Just take away the aspirational element and reach of its customers who may wish to book and have a positive brand experience which leads to more repeat business
While none of this will affect me to greatly if at all I am clearly watching Marriott where my points confirm me into a 5 Star new Ritz Carlton vs a tired aging 4 star Hyatt and now cash and points would make 0 sense as does points
WE will have too see how this all plays out and of course any negative change in any program just prompts the next program to get that much more evil
My two cents however limited

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