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Originally Posted by akl_traveller View Post
I'm not a police officer, so I assume if I ask you to kindly stop murdering somebody you'll tell me I have no authority?
Originally Posted by akl_traveller View Post
So, let me get this straight. The only person on a plane who is allowed to point out someone doing something wrong is a flight attendant (and/or the pilot, I guess).
The rest of us lack the requisite authority and should merely remain bystanders. "Stay in our lane" as the saying goes.
If my seatmate takes out a cleaver and starts hewing at the man in the middle seat, well, I might call the attendant I guess, but if I intervene I will get shocked FTers telling me that I should mind my own business.
But doesn't that create a paradox when an attendant asks for passenger help to subdue an unruly passenger? on the one hand, we have to obey, but on the other, in doing so we are usurping their rightful authority.

I'll say this: if the only people allowed to intervene when wrong is done are those invested with specific authority, like police, then we're going to need a lot more cops.

I know you know this, but these two comparisons are about as idiotic as I have seen. You are comparing an out of line off duty FA and cell phone policy with murder? I'll leave it at that.
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