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Originally Posted by gmt4 View Post
There's a vast difference between someone committing (or attempting to commit) a violent act on an aircraft and a snarky response about shutting off a phone and you know it. Your attempt at hyperbole falls well short of a constructive counter argument.
Quantum's different, quality is the same. Either we're entitled to address "wrong" behaviour (and I note that as other posters have noted, the behaviour may NOT have been wrong), where wrong is defined as "in breach of a rule/law/social custom") or we're not. The amount of bother we create because we lack the courage to tell the person listening to music without headphones to knock it off (for example) is ridiculous.

I know I'm ranting, but if instead of snide passive aggressive photo taking or whining on FT after the fact, if we told the bugger putting his bare feet on the seat to not put his bare feet on the seat, the problem would be solved. We wouldn't need passenger shaming. If some large passenger is taking up your space, shove him back in his.

And I know this is further ranting, but there's a common thread in a lot of FT posters that seems to think the only way to address something negative is to elevate it (e.g. telling this offduty FA's boss) rather than addressing it at the root. if you think what she did is inappropriate, tell her. Don't go narking to the boss like some sort of milksop.
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