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It has now been explained to you maybe a dozen times that OP didn't do anything wrong or illegal, and yet you keep repeating your strained argument which relies completely on that incorrect fact. NO ONE here has argued that only police can admonish somebody for breaking the law. Not one person. But OP didn't break the law. As such this non-rev passenger was out of line in trying to assert false authority to force compliance with non-existent rules.

Meanwhile, you're not likely to catch me on the Air New Zealand board lecturing a bunch of Kiwis on how they're breaking their own laws. If you insist on continuing, show some receipts; all our federal laws are searchable online.
Many of the earlier commenters commented not on the specific legality or lack thereof of the particular point, but rather on a general rule that one should avoid sticking one's beak in.

And there is a big difference between an observation and a command. "Stop!" is an imperative and an expression of authority. "You should stop" is an observation (perhaps the person is about to run into a wall). If someone says "It's illegal to operate a device blah blah blah" then they are merely making an observation, which *may* be incorrect, but is not rude or inappropriate in and of itself. If they say "turn off your device" they are making a command, which may be inappropriate.

I like to think it comes down to manners, not laws. If behaviour may bother someone, don't do it; if you see someone else doing it, then call it out. If someone's using the iron too long in a gym changing room, or eating chips noisily on a bus, or obstructing a narrow path in a supermarket, then they're being a bother to others. Personally I think it's a lack of proper socialisation at an early age (either boarding school, or sharing a dressing room for team sports would teach them to be more appreciative of the needs of others). In this case, a cellphone on a flight might well be a bother to others.
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