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Originally Posted by HLCinCOU View Post
The FAA is providing guidance here specifically because of the FCC regulations, not their own. As I said before there's no FAA regulation on the subject. Feel free to browse through the appropriate USC title online; this isn't the first thread where I've issued that invite. So far nobody's come up with the elusive FAA regulation banning phones.
First, you have the burden of proof wrong. You've linked to a clear statement from the FAA telling airlines to limit the use of electronic devices to airplane mode. Referencing the FCC rule doesn't make the FAA guidance go away, and it doesn't say that it's contingent on the FCC rule remaining in place. If you think that the FAA is only stating the requirement because of the FCC rule, it's on you to demonstrate that unambiguously.

But since you want a USC title, here you go: 14 C.F.R 91.21

Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, no person may operate, nor may any operator or pilot in command of an aircraft allow the operation of, any portable electronic device on any of the following U.S.-registered civil aircraft:

(1) Aircraft operated by a holder of an air carrier operating certificate or an operating certificate;
Paragraph (b) says that the carrier may make a determination that the electronic device is safe. The InFO that you link to tells an airline how it can qualify for the exception, and that exception requires that devices be operated in airplane mode. Regardless of the exception, though, there's a very clear title in the federal code, enforced by the FAA, on the use of cell phones and all other PEDs on airplanes.

(Edited to add, since I forgot to address the point about AA's policy--the rest of your tirade is mostly just differences of opinion that you're trying to pass off as unequivocal facts):

There's no AA policy saying you have to go into airplane mode when the door closes. The policy is when the crew announces.
That's a random webpage about WiFi in flight. I don't think either of us has access to the docs that AA filed with the FAA or their internal policy docs, but if we're going to dig through the public website, there's this:

When the aircraft doors are closed for departure, devices will need to be in airplane mode.
Seems pretty definitive to me, and given specifically in the context of AA getting FAA approval to allow electronic devices gate-to-gate.

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