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Originally Posted by jordyn View Post
Someone should really tell the FAA they don't have any rules about portable electronic devices, because they sure seem to think they do:


The tl;df of which is: it's generally safe (but not always) to use PEDs on airplanes. The FAA will work with airlines to roll out procedures to allow them to be safely used.
Wow, jordyn, you really got me with this one! Oh...wait...the link you provided literally contains this line:

The FAA is not considering the use of cell phones for voice communications during flight because Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations currently prohibit any airborne calls using cell phones.
And the first InFO linked from that link contains the following:

Airplane Mode. The operator should continue to require passengers to place their PEDs in “Airplane Mode” (cellular transmitters off) from the time the aircraft takes off until it lands. If the aircraft is equipped with on-board wireless services, the operator should address the acceptable times for when the passengers may turn on their PEDs and connect to the wireless services. Aircraft equipped with wireless systems have been tested to ensure that they will not interfere with the aircraft’s avionics.
Note: FCC regulations 47 CFR 22.925 prohibits the use of some cellular services while inflight. Requiring “Airplane Mode” during PED operation will help prevent violation of these regulations.

The FAA is providing guidance here specifically because of the FCC regulations, not their own. As I said before there's no FAA regulation on the subject. Feel free to browse through the appropriate USC title online; this isn't the first thread where I've issued that invite. So far nobody's come up with the elusive FAA regulation banning phones.

Also just as an aside the mention in that same InFO of carriers requiring airplane mode "from the time the aircraft takes off until it lands" is interesting for its precision; the earlier poster here who claimed that saying "in flight" doesn't matter because taxi is "part of the flight" may have a harder time with this language. Anyway back to your points:

Originally Posted by jordyn View Post
In the particular case of AA, they seem to have decided that the safe thing is to turn devices onto airplane mode once the door closes, so when flying AA that's the relevant rule for the situation at hand.
Man it'd be so great if you actually knew what you were talking about. From the AA website:

Phones and electronic devices

You can use your cell phone, laptop computer and other electronic devices onboard until advised by the flight crew, but cell phone calls aren't allowed during flight.
Emphasis mine. You're just wrong on the facts, again. There's no AA policy saying you have to go into airplane mode when the door closes. The policy is when the crew announces. I've been on plenty of planes where that happened during taxi, and a few where they just clean forgot. That latter case is probably why they included "but cell phone calls aren't allowed during flight" just to cover the bases.

Originally Posted by jordyn View Post
By the way, the FAA also addresses the very situation the OP and his off-duty seat mate faced in their FAQs:

What should I do if the crew says to turn off electronics and the person next to me doesn't do it?

You could politely remind the person of the crew's announcement, but above all, avoid a confrontation.
First off, this non-rev's behavior doesn't sound "polite" to me, and definitely doesn't sound like "above all, avoid a confrontation." More importantly, did you actually read the question? Let me emphasize the part you might have missed:

What should I do if the crew says to turn off electronics and the person next to me doesn't do it?
The crew didn't say to turn off electronics, so this advice to pax does not apply.

Originally Posted by jordyn View Post
For all of you jumping on the off duty FA, it doesn't seem like she really tried to use her authority as an FA to get the OP to comply.
So giving an order followed by "I'm an FA" isn't an attempt to assert authority? Really? How about "Police, hands up!" Sorry, that's nonsense: giving a direct order followed by a title is an explicit invocation of authority.

Originally Posted by jordyn View Post
She said that she was concerned about her personal safety, which seems like a reasonable thing for a fellow passenger to be concerned about.
Well no, it's not particularly reasonable. In addition to there being zero evidence of safety issues, any reasonably numerate person would realize that every flight they board has at least a couple people who forget or purposefully ignore the rule. So you're worrying about something that happens virtually every time you fly, which isn't reasonable given the overall industry safety. Now that said, I would totally sympathize with the concern (even if I don't consider it reasonable) if this were a regular passenger... but we're not talking about a lay person here. An FA should know better than to spout nonsense like that. In my opinion a regular old pax who did the same thing (minus the "I'm an FA" presumably) would be way less out of line than a non-rev.

Originally Posted by jordyn View Post
The tone to the person across the aisle seems a bit more problematic, but politely asking the person next to you to comply with a rule seems not particularly different than asking someone not to cut in line in front of you.
...and there you go again. She wasn't "politely asking the person next to [her] to comply with a rule" she was ordering people to do what she wanted by falsely claiming it was a rule and falsely claiming the authority to enforce said fake rule.

Congratulations jordyn: it's got to be tough to write a post that long and have literally every single sentence be wrong!
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