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Had a collection on Sunday, around 6 pm. PC lot was full with lots of Malibu's, an Impreza, a couple of Wranglers and 1 Ford Explorer. I believe that there was also a Sorento. I had booked a Full size and had expected to get a nice upgrade, but when I asked if I could get the Infinity parked under the Premium Upgrade, I was told by the manager on duty that I had to pay for it.
Not very happy that even booking a Full Size they will not be lenient enough to give the Infinity as an upgrade (and it was just the Q50). Did voice my displeasure about it and of course he came out with yes, for us this is our policy, etc... I settled in the end for the Impreza as I've driven it before and it is quite a nice car to drive.

Will book the next time just a C -group rather than spending more for no upgrade.

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