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A beach with VERY calm, warm water ?

I hope someone can help here with a very specific request.

We are looking for the names/locations of a some particularly CALM beaches with WARM water. (I meant calm water, but let's include the human activity, too. That is, not looking for Party Time Beach, etc.)

In my increasing age (how'd that happen!?), I've developed some physical limitations, and am no longer the fish I once was.

Point is, for the near/intermediate term (and unfortunately, possibly longer), I'm trying to avoid "surf" to the extent possible. That includes the lesser surf that is often not much past the sand. (I'm *not* referring to that foam, obviously, but anything that makes one's footing unstable, including churning sand that sort of "gives way".) I just want to be able to keep my balance. That's an admirable goal, no?

And yes, I would *always* be accompanied by someone, usually Mr. Geezer, plus perhaps someone else.
I'm *not* looking for deep water, but something very safely well below my head.

I've been able to thoroughly enjoy the warm water in Bermuda and Barbados within the past year or so, but getting through even so-called gentle surf is still an ordeal just now. Rougher surf is totally out for now. And of course, local weather could change the water conditions from what one might ordinarily expect.

For the immediate future, we are heading on a Caribbean cruise after Thanksgiving, and will have several islands where we can explore suggestions:
Aruba, Bonaire, Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten.
We are planning to include a return to Baby Beach in Aruba, but if there's something similar closer to the cruise port/city, that would be nice.
Suggestions in other locales would also be appreciated.

Other suggestions?
Many thanks!

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