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Originally Posted by flying_pig View Post
Let's remember that MXP was built to be a second AZ hub
It was not just intended to be an AZ hub, it was also intended to be the only international airport serving Milan. When this was the plan overseas airlines, including BA, were restricted to 3 flights (I think) to LIN. It was similar to the plans for Mirabel in Montreal. It fell apart as plan with LIN remaining popular, even if it looks like a 1970s museum piece. MXP has enjoyed some investment since; LIN much less so.

Originally Posted by flying_pig View Post
By the way, there are aspects of MXP that are somehow more convenient than LIN so it's not all terrible: BA in MXP doesn't use remote stands (whereas all non-Shengen flights at LIN have to be remote stands); for some areas of Milan, the additional time to travel to/from MXP versus LIN is far less than one might think, particularly as the LIN route is marred by the works for the new metro line especially if coming from Cadorna. Then of course for tourists heading to the lakes (Como, Maggiore, Orta), MXP is far more convenient.
I know most of this board favours LIN, but I must say as a Milan regular, I switch freely between LIN and MXP with flight times being the main differentiator. MXP is much better connected with trains to all parts of Milan and now the rail link via Varese into Ticino. If you are comparing public transport to central Milan (Milano Centrale say), it's an hour's train journey from MXP, vs a coach direct or No. 73 bus and metro/No. 60 bus which is pretty similar timewise (Metro Line 4 now due in 2022 won't be a huge improvement given its route). For facilities, including quality of BA used lounges, MXP now has the edge.
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