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Originally Posted by WorldLux View Post
To have some form of cash if the card does not work? It's never a bad idea to bring cash in case card payments are no longer possible ( card issuer blocking a card after detecting fraudulent transactions; payment system being down; etc. ). If you only have one card, then it's good to have some cash on you that can be exchanged for local currency.
Which is why I also said to bring a “no foreign transaction fee” credit card. So, as mentioned above, 2 cards, not one. One ATM/Debit card and one no fee credit card. If they want to be more comfortable, bring another credit card or 2. If they want to bring some cash, so be it.

I frequently fly overseas with less than $100 USD because I’ve never needed USD. When I first started traveling to Europe I used to exchange money in the European banks - before I knew better. A real noob mistake. The OP will probably arrive at FRA in the morning and if he/she tries an ATM immediately, they will know if the ATM card works. If not, shoot an email to their branch manager and the card should be working by mid-afternoon in Europe. In the meantime, they can use their credit card, if necessary. This is all based on my real world experiences. YMMV.
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