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As flatlanders pointed out, MXP has capacity to accommodate almost all LIN flights. Let's remember that MXP was built to be a second AZ hub (and it was somehow a hub for a while), but when the airline went to sh*t they pretty much closed the MXP hub and left the airport heavily under-utilised. Also worth noting that other airlines (ie: AZ) are moving flights also to BGY during the shut down.

Earlier in the year a BA exec told me that LIN is one of their most profitable European routes and that they have been trying to get more LIN slots (very hard). So, I would imagine that BA would want to maintain the capacity and that all frequencies will indeed be transferred to MXP.

By the way, there are aspects of MXP that are somehow more convenient than LIN so it's not all terrible: BA in MXP doesn't use remote stands (whereas all non-Shengen flights at LIN have to be remote stands); for some areas of Milan, the additional time to travel to/from MXP versus LIN is far less than one might think, particularly as the LIN route is marred by the works for the new metro line especially if coming from Cadorna. Then of course for tourists heading to the lakes (Como, Maggiore, Orta), MXP is far more convenient.
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