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Originally Posted by angelats View Post
The lounge that LH uses in Glasgow is the same - with the added fun that I have to argue my way in every single time (flying on an LH business class ticket). The service flying out of Glasgow on LH is pretty poor in general - no priority boarding call, which is frustrating - but I switched from BA to LH some time ago and prefer LH's service in general, so I suppose I have to suck it up.
Flown from GLA four times this year on LH. Twice in C, Twice in Y. No issues to get into the (crap) lounge. I thought the attendant was actually very friendly. But I think this one is run by the airport?

True about priority boarding, but you obviously are not aware its only in the past 6 months or something (I posted my own thread on this) that LH arranged Fast Track security in both EDI and GLA. We are lucky there is even an alternate!
For this Winter season LH will fly mainline to both MUC and FRA from GLA & EDI, plus EW I think.
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